Help your students accelerate their paths to college and career.

The groundbreaking initiative from The NROC Project (NROC), EdReady™ is a math and English readiness system to help students avoid the time and cost of remedial courses. Institutions that are members of NROC are entitled to a custom EdReady™ site with robust reporting capabilities.

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Standard Customizable Features

(included with NROC membership)

Standard features and customizations are a benefit of becoming a sustaining member of The NROC Project. Our membership-based approach ensures that EdReady™ is affordable, accessible, and relevant at any scale.

Custom URL

Landing Page

Customization options allow you to give local context to your EdReady™ version for your students.

  • co-branding with institutional logo
  • custom header and sub-header text
  • choose among several EdReady™ art options
  • freeform (html) field for further text, links, images

Goals Dashboard

What do your students want to be ready for? Each goal can support a unique "readiness experience." Start with one or two to manage a group of students working toward a shared goal, OR, add many goals to further personalize the experience. Goals support different roles (e.g. teachers, administrators, couselors, etc.) for setup, management, and reporting.

Each goal includes:

  • custom image and title
  • long description (shown on reverse of goal card) can include freeform (html) supporting text with images, video, and ability to link to external (non-EdReady) applications
  • one or more custom study paths
  • predetermined target score, or option to have students set target score based on school choice
  • choice of study resources
  • custom congratulations text when readiness targets are reached

Study Paths

Each goal includes one or more custom study paths. EdReady currently supports scopes of expectations for Developmental English, Developmental Math, and Algebra 1. EdReady also supports some custom scopes, subject to co-development agreements with interested members. Choose from a library of pre-configured study paths, or change the scope of any study path, such as reordering units or removing certain learning objectives.


EdReady™ currently refers students to study our award-winning, multimedia NROC resources. In addition, there are many more curated resources available in the EdReady™ library, so you can choose which resources your students see.

Additional resources can include:

  • Art of Problem Solving
  • Phoenix College Collection
  • STEMbites
  • Khan Academy
  • WhyU

Reporting & Data Access

Live data dashboards and downloadable reports are available to teachers, administrators, counselors, etc. with appropriate permissions.

Support & Community

Each institution is provided with user guides, professional development materials, basic implementation support resources, and activities to support your local EdReady™ implementation, plus:

  • Access to NROC support staff and online support
  • Opportunity to collaborate with peer members of The NROC Project, NROC staff, and other leading organizations to improve and transform educational practice in personalizing the pathways to college and career readiness

Extended Customizations

(Additional fee negotiated)

We are continuing to improve EdReady™ in many ways. Some of these options are available now (subject to additional fees), while others are in the early stages of design and development. As an NROC member, you will help guide our ongoing development priorities, and you are among the first to benefit from extended customizations as they become available. Contact us if you are interested in these possible features to meet your institutional needs.

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration with an existing LMS or SIS
  • Additional data consumption (by EdReady) and automated differentiation of the EdReady™ experience based on LMS or SIS data
  • Additional study path scopes
  • Additional resource referrals
  • Data deposit from EdReady™ to LMS or SIS
  • EdReady™ API when feasible
  • Additional technical requests, including advanced, automated reporting
  • Additional implementation support

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